band names


  1. The Blunt Objects
  2. Doug Llewelyn’s Hair
  3. Pez-Encrusted Salmon
  4. Lester Holt Who Goes There
  5. Sin O’ Men
  6. Gatorade Reduction
  7. The Inference
  8. To Curtail Or Not To Curtail
  9. “Restless” Greg & The Syndromes
  10. Divagina

Published by

David Forbes Brown

I live on the largest of the 4500 islands off the coast of Maine. I write comedy for Maine's only late night talk show (The Nite Show with Danny Cashman), Maine-based novels, music (rock to orchestral) in my humble studio by the sea, a weekly sports column for MyBriefs, and a Red Sox Report for every Sox game of the season.

4 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S BAND NAMES”

  1. I hope you have copyrighted all these names and created websites for them. You can make huge money selling the rights to the name and the website when a band really wants one of your creations! 🙂

    1. Thanks Austin! But, really? Is that an internet thing? I’ve been copywriting my music since the 80’s, and The Library of Congress implores that a title or name cannot be copywritten. I have copywritten about 2000 of the previous band names under “compilation.”

      1. It was kind of a joke, my friend. However, you could buy the websites for all those names and then sell them to a band that wanted one…

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