Feb. 25, 2015 Band Names

Yo yo where they at?!
Yo yo where they at?!
  1. The Plumb-Bobs
  2. Trench Face
  3. Abraham LinkedIn
  4. The Joints of the Chiefs of Staff
  5. We Draw a Bath Onstage
  6. The Maude Squad
  7. Cramma Mammoth Ding Dong
  8. The Name’s KNIFE, Humps
  9. Black ‘n White ‘n Red Allup Inat
  10. Storage!

Negative Temp Band Names

band names

  1. The Dangling Participles
  2. Faux Toes
  3. L’il W’il Bae
  4. For Fifty Amber Waves of Grey
  5. The Plastic Dispensers
  6. Custard’s Last Pudding Stand
  7. Hero Barks Thirsty
  8. The Cock Asians
  9. You’re Watching The Epiphany Channel
  10. Douchebaggage