Band Names 4/6/16



  1. The Chagrin
  2. I Am Don, of Justice
  3. Face the Resting Bitch
  4. Holly’s Holly’s Oxen Are Free
  5. The Pulverizers
  6. Bereft of Awesome
  7. Farmer in the Dell Aware
  8. Artisanal Crap
  9. The Stouffer’s Welsh Rarebit Playas
  10. Quagmore






Published by

David Forbes Brown

I live on the largest of the 4500 islands off the coast of Maine. I write comedy for Maine's only late night talk show (The Nite Show with Danny Cashman), Maine-based novels, music (rock to orchestral) in my humble studio by the sea, a weekly sports column for MyBriefs, and a Red Sox Report for every Sox game of the season.

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