20 New Band Names 8/4/18

banned 4

  1. The Witness Protection Program Presents
  2. I Ran But I Rock
  3. The Cell You Light
  4. Dr. Feel-Up C. McGrope
  5. The Rock’s Johnson
  6. Method Boy
  7. Inner Skankdumb
  8. E Pluribus You Numb Dude
  9. We Use the Term “Per Se” Constantly!
  10. Offtramp
  11. The Emotional Support Tazmanian Devils
  12. Pinpoint Inaccuracy
  13. Johnny on the G Spot
  14. Ruby Jewel He On Knee
  15. His Panic Wall
  16. Pilferin’ w/ Sleazy D
  17. Take A Drumpf!
  18. Madge, Midge, Mavis & Hazel
  19. Where We Went Wong – Billy Wong!
  20. Gefiltebitch

see 84 more here

newnite 35

























Published by

David Forbes Brown

I live on the largest of the 4500 islands off the coast of Maine. I write comedy for Maine's only late night talk show (The Nite Show with Danny Cashman), Maine-based novels, music (rock to orchestral) in my humble studio by the sea, a weekly sports column for MyBriefs, and a Red Sox Report for every Sox game of the season.

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