Maine pics: June vs. Oct. 31st

Juxtaposin’ June around the yard with late October.

A bald eagle flew by while I was on the roof juxtaposin’:

Did you know there are deciduous pine trees? They turn color in the fall and the needles fall off, just like leaves. I didn’t know they existed until moving here 20 years ago.

Maine Renaissance


Band Names 11/5/18



  1. The Ballooning Pantaloons
  2. Lady Agog
  3. MesotheliOhhh Myyyy
  4. Ultra-Violent Lite
  5. The Bass-less Accusations
  6. Boring Complicated
  7. Peoter’s Gamecock
  8. On Da Man
  9. A Chip Off the Ol’ Shoulder
  10. Samsingsangsung

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