I’ve been writing comedy band names since the 90’s, and have over 6000 now. I am compiling the best ones in a book titled “2000 Band Names,” which will be printed soon. I see my life as an art piece. I’m a professional bass guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, tuba dork and composer. I’ve been in many bands. I’ve penned many songs and instrumentals signed in Manhattan–I’m a member of ASCAP. Composing orchestral music is my favorite. I’ve made many films and comedy “dubs.” I had a comedy radio show on WMDI. I write comedy and appear in skits for The Nite Show starring Danny Cashman (Maine’s only late night talk show–we beat SNL in the ratings). I’m writing an action novel series titled “Black Island.” I write a weekly sports/humor column for MyBriefs which has morphed into an old-time sci-fi serial about a time-traveling Babe Ruth. I write a Red Sox Report for every Sox game of the year on a different blog site. I love exploring the islands in this 4600-island archipelago off Maine. I study astrology and astronomy. I like baseball (go Red Sox), aerobee, and jumping on nearby ocean cliffs. Oh, and drinking beer. I study the readings of Edgar Cayce because science proved him to do the impossible, and his readings are integral to my action book series “Black Island.” And I literally see UFO’s in my yard at night.


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