New Band Names Dec. 14, 2015


  1. The Blaspheming Ungulates
  2. Elf on the Continental Shelf
  3. Give Barb a Cue
  4. Carpe “Match Drapes” Diem
  5. A Greed
  6. Cougarin’ With Blanche
  7. Nut o’ Cracker
  8. The Blair Bitch
  9. Our Erections Are Lasting Longer Than Six Hours
  10. Gefilteboy











New Band Names Dec. 3, 2015



  1. The Soar of the Cloud
  2. Eternity Band
  3. Leg of Damn, Girl
  4. In Loving Memory of Firetron
  5. Oh Gun, Quit!
  6. Pontius’s PalmPilot
  7. For We Are The Extrapolated
  8. And In So Doing
  9. Those Fish That Eat Shit Off Your Feet
  10. Sexcation




New Band Names Dec. 2, 2015

band names
Yo yo where they at?!
  1. The Sexperts
  2. MallWear
  3. Staff a la Caucus
  4. Yo We On the Down-Low ‘n the Up&Up
  5. Lenny, Squiggy & Oates
  6. Band Width
  7. She’s Havin’ a Jurassic Period
  8. Crow Nuts
  9. So We Hear You’re Voting For Trump!
  10. Daffodildo
  11. The Beasts of Burdens of Truth
  12. Jeff Probed
  13. Take Us Down and Pass Us Around
  14. Dylan Dreyve-Thru
  15. Aloud Allowed
  16. We Will Manipulate You All!
  17. The Receiving End
  18. Mel B Toast
  19. Flower Power Golden Shower Hour
  20. Gastrointestiboy
  21. The Flaming Apocalypse
  22. Rick O’Shea & The Bullets
  23. Transylvania Avenue
  24. A Farmer in Adele
  25. Yo We a Love Grenade
  26. The Lunchboxmen
  27. “Spokane,” Spoke Anne
  28. Assume the Juxtaposition
  29. Johnny Honeymoon & The Dysfunctions
  30. Implausiboy


Writer’s Day: Dave Wrote A Book!

Thank you, Austin.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Dave 1I woke up in a panic this morning, Modern Philosophers!

I snatched the alarm clock off my nightstand, saw the time, and freaked out because I had overslept and was going to be late for work.

That was when I realized that today is Writer’s Day, the Holiday I’ve created to bask in the glow of the previous evening’s taping of The Nite Show, while also getting some writing done.

That was a close one!

One of the things I love about being a writer on The Nite Show is getting to meet so many interesting and cool people.

David Forbes Brown is one such person.  Dave, as he allows us to call him when he doesn’t want to sound like a serial killer, is a fellow blogger and Nite Show writer.

Despite the Red Sox hat, Dave is okay...Despite the Red Sox hat, Dave is okay…

That’s Dave.  No, he’s not making a fist because he…

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Behind The Curtain: The Nite Show At 200

The night well captured! My novel is available on Amazon here:

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

200 cameraIt was another thrilling night at The Gracie Theatre, Modern Philosophers, as The Nite Show With Danny Cashman returned for a new season.

Maine’s favorite late night talk show also hit the 200 episode mark.  To commemorate this special milestone, I thought I’d pull back the curtain and give you a behind the scenes peek at the making of the show.

I took so many photos tonight, Modern Philosophers, that I’ll probably write several posts over the next couple of days to make use of them.

For now, though, let’s check out some of the thing that the television audience usually never gets to see…

200 GracieThe Gracie Theatre is on the campus of Husson University in Bangor.  The Nite Show’s crew is made up of students from NESCOM, the New England School of Communications, which is on the Husson campus.

Let me say, once again, that the NESCOM students are…

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Some Band Names From the Summer

Let’s take the Delorean for a very short spin:

band names

  1. The Greta Van Susterens
  2. Faceboocket Challenge
  3. Tina Yothers Unmixed
  4. The Other White Keys
  5. Take Us To Task
  6. Metal Acuity
  7. As You Were
  8. Slowly I Toined
  9. You Love Us When We Kill Puppies
  10. Pollywannanomial
  11. The Moist Towelettes
  12. There Was a Band From Nantucket
  13. Tender Bumpkin
  14. Yo We Addams All Kindsa Ookie
  15. The Bold & The Lute-iful
  16. We Best Pee First
  17. Mr. McPedofeely Presents
  18. Klandestine Kowards Kill
  19. We’re Your 12th Cousins Thrice Removed!
  20. Handblown