About My Band Names

profilumblogI started writing comedy band names back in the 90’s. My goal is to put out a novelty book called “2000 Band Names,” which, in 2004, someone at Ruttledge Hill Press was interested in before it was ready (he longer works in the biz). I am now ready to write this book. I’ve written over 6000 comedy band names. Here is a random sampling:

  1. The Automotive
  2. Tony’s Extrava-Danza
  3. The Xylophone-It-Ins
  4. Breakdancing Bad
  5. Glacial Hooker
  6. Pepper: Dine
  7. The Faux Apoplectic
  8. Missile Crotch
  9. I Did Not Inhale With That Woman
  10. Heterogloben
  1. The Nasal Sprays
  2. Seismic Clown
  3. Hope’s Chest
  4. Jazz Hands Across America
  5. Crunch Stank
  6. Tacitoid: The Taciturn Robot
  7. Wendyyy Go
  8. Plastic Silence
  9. Meanwhile Down at the Foundry
  10. Cataclydesdales