Band Names 5/15/17



  1. The Photo Synthesizers
  2. King Dumb Cum
  3. Exponentially Inconsequential
  4. Greta’s Van’s Cistern
  5. When Toast Goes A Rye
  6. Meadow-Malarkey
  7. Dissin’ Terry
  8. Oh Feel Ya
  9. What’s Boring as Fuck in Vegas Stays Boring as Fuck in Vegas
  10. Jizzlepuss

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New Band Names Dec. 2, 2015

band names
Yo yo where they at?!
  1. The Sexperts
  2. MallWear
  3. Staff a la Caucus
  4. Yo We On the Down-Low ‘n the Up&Up
  5. Lenny, Squiggy & Oates
  6. Band Width
  7. She’s Havin’ a Jurassic Period
  8. Crow Nuts
  9. So We Hear You’re Voting For Trump!
  10. Daffodildo
  11. The Beasts of Burdens of Truth
  12. Jeff Probed
  13. Take Us Down and Pass Us Around
  14. Dylan Dreyve-Thru
  15. Aloud Allowed
  16. We Will Manipulate You All!
  17. The Receiving End
  18. Mel B Toast
  19. Flower Power Golden Shower Hour
  20. Gastrointestiboy
  21. The Flaming Apocalypse
  22. Rick O’Shea & The Bullets
  23. Transylvania Avenue
  24. A Farmer in Adele
  25. Yo We a Love Grenade
  26. The Lunchboxmen
  27. “Spokane,” Spoke Anne
  28. Assume the Juxtaposition
  29. Johnny Honeymoon & The Dysfunctions
  30. Implausiboy


Some Band Names From the Summer

Let’s take the Delorean for a very short spin:

band names

  1. The Greta Van Susterens
  2. Faceboocket Challenge
  3. Tina Yothers Unmixed
  4. The Other White Keys
  5. Take Us To Task
  6. Metal Acuity
  7. As You Were
  8. Slowly I Toined
  9. You Love Us When We Kill Puppies
  10. Pollywannanomial
  11. The Moist Towelettes
  12. There Was a Band From Nantucket
  13. Tender Bumpkin
  14. Yo We Addams All Kindsa Ookie
  15. The Bold & The Lute-iful
  16. We Best Pee First
  17. Mr. McPedofeely Presents
  18. Klandestine Kowards Kill
  19. We’re Your 12th Cousins Thrice Removed!
  20. Handblown

About My Band Names

profilumblogI started writing comedy band names back in the 90’s. My goal is to put out a novelty book called “2000 Band Names,” which, in 2004, someone at Ruttledge Hill Press was interested in before it was ready (he longer works in the biz). I am now ready to write this book. I’ve written over 6000 comedy band names. Here is a random sampling:

  1. The Automotive
  2. Tony’s Extrava-Danza
  3. The Xylophone-It-Ins
  4. Breakdancing Bad
  5. Glacial Hooker
  6. Pepper: Dine
  7. The Faux Apoplectic
  8. Missile Crotch
  9. I Did Not Inhale With That Woman
  10. Heterogloben
  1. The Nasal Sprays
  2. Seismic Clown
  3. Hope’s Chest
  4. Jazz Hands Across America
  5. Crunch Stank
  6. Tacitoid: The Taciturn Robot
  7. Wendyyy Go
  8. Plastic Silence
  9. Meanwhile Down at the Foundry
  10. Cataclydesdales